Who we are?

Kheira Holding is a diversified Holding company that combines capital, innovation and exceptional services that are managed by our team of experts in their respective fields, directed to exceed customer expectations and deliver superior products and services.

Kheira Holding manages businesses in different sectors throughout Qatar and Mena region. The company designs, manufactures, engineers and markets thousands of exceptional products to an extensive customer platform locally and internationally, from consumer products to building and much more. The holding is diversified over 18 different sectors across the region with highly experienced human capital.

At Kheira Holding, we are passionate about our brands and always seek to provide the local and international markets with innovative products / services that would facilitate our customers business and yet add on the exceptional ” KHEIRA ” mark.

Team Work &

Because we are a diverse family of companies, teamwork is essential both internally and externally. All our businesses have a network of clients, suppliers, associates or consultants and through partnership we get the best out of each other.

The ability to work well in a team is very important to us. We also value the desire to continually develop your own skills and those of your colleagues.

For our part, we take staff development very seriously. If you learn and grow, you will enjoy your work. Happy employees build better businesses!

Core Values

  • Integrity

    Kheira Holding believes in profit with honor and upholds good governance and the highest moral standards.

  • Passion for Success

    As our company strives for excellence, it will remain proactive and entrepreneurial, as it pursues its projects with a sense of urgency and total dedication to results.

  • Opportunity

    The cornerstone Our company to investment framework is its ability to see and seize opportunity and introduce future initiatives for its portfolio companies with the end in view of improving overall value of these companies.

  • Partnership

    Kheira Holding is keen in promoting collaborative partnership with its subsidiaries and views itself as an integral extension of their respective businesses.

  • Respect for People

    Kheira Holding instills unity in purpose in its entire organization, focusing on trust and respect for its people, promoting camaraderie and open communication, upholding professional growth, and uplifting dignity of our work force, as it works toward shared goals along its organizational structure.

  • Innovativeness and Consumer Focus

    Kheira Holding encourages creativity and ingenuity in its processes, systems, products and services, striving to be first to anticipate consumer needs, with the ultimate goal of providing its consumers products and services beyond industry standards and exceeding expectations.

  • Social Responsibility

    Key to our social responsibility is its commitment to improve the lives of people in the communities where its facilities, stations and projects are present, with focus on environmental stewardship and activities to benefit the society in general.